Winter 2020 Newsletter

Happy Howlidays!

Hello and Happy Howlidays, Pet Parents! 

For those who don’t know, this email is the second Newsletters of many to come that will be sent four times a year in the months of September, December, March, and June. This way, Bipetual Care will be able to announce any updates or upcoming changes to Pet Parents, along with sharing Pet Care & Safety Tips for every season. If you did not receive the previous Newsletter, here’s a summary of what you missed:

Scout for Pet Owners App

Bipetual Care has updated our current services and rates on our website and on the Scout for Pet Owners app. All services are to be booked directly to Bipetual Care through the Scout app. Invoices for completed services will be charged biweekly on Tuesdays, with email receipts sent to clients. Noticeably, some clients have yet to download the Scout for Pet Owners app and finish setting up their account information, payment method, and update pet profiles. Please do so ASAP as it is policy, per the Service Agreement all clients are required to sign, for your Scout account and profiles to be up to date in order for Bipetual Care to have an accurate itinerary of every client and their pets when providing services. For any questions on how to use the app, watch this video tutorial or review the FAQ Section on Scout’s support page. Also, if clients experience bugs or technical issues with the app, or would like to give any feedback, please email with screenshots or recordings of your experience and they will be addressed to the Scout Support Team.

Business Contact Information

Bipetual Care’s call hours for questions and booking requests will be set weekdays Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM, while booked clients can call or text anytime during a service. For those who still have Audrey’s personal phone number, please note her number will no longer be used for business purposes. Clients can also contact Bipetual Care via email, or send a message anytime on our social media pages @BipetualCare on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and WhatsApp. Bipetual Care’s PO Box is for clients to mail letters, payments, hallmark cards, and so on. Please save our contact information accordingly:

Bipetual Care LLC
(312) 448-6864
PO Box 7262, Romeoville, IL 60446

New Year, New Things!

Now that everyone’s caught up on Bipetual Care’s contact information and the Scout app, here are some upcoming changes that will be in affect January 1st, 2021.

House Sitting Price Rate Changes & Calendar

Despite COVID-19, Bipetual Care still offers Pet Sitting services in the client’s home following COVID Safety Protocols as recommended by the CDC and PSI. House Sitting has always been our most demanding service, even during COVID, with a low rate of $50 per day not having been changed in years (well before Bipetual Care was founded). However, with the increasing demand for this service and the current rate no longer being able to cover the costs and labor of itself, Bipetual Care has made the decision to change the House Sitting price and offer different rates for Longer and Extended Stays. Effective immediately, these new rates will count towards all House Sitting services booked for January 1st, 2021 and on. Any House Sitting bookings in 2020 will remain the $50 per day rate. The new rates are as followed:

  • House Sitting (1-14 days): $80 /day
  • Longer Stay (15-29 days): $65 /day
  • Extended Stay (30+ days): $50 /day
  • Additional Pet Rate: + $5 /day
With House Sitting being our most demanded service, Bipetual Care has also added an Availability Calendar on our website for clients to have the option of viewing dates in advance to check if they’re available or booked. Client’s can refer to this calendar on our Services page located bottom left, titled “House Sitting Dates.” If there are specific dates marked as Booked that a client has interest in, they are still welcome to contact us to confirm availability or ask to be on a waitlist for requested dates.

Referral Program & Pet Birthdays

Bipetual Care Bipetual Care would like to again thank all of our clients who have recommended us to the people in their lives to use for pet care services! As a way to show our appreciation and offer clients a way to save on bookings, Bipetual Care is beginning a word-of-mouth Referral Program, offering clients to earn credit towards their account for every referral they send our way! Starting January 1st, 2021, clients will receive $10 credit for every new client they recommended Bipetual Care to who successfully book with us. New clients must give your first and last name (associated with the full name on your Scout account) to confirm your referral so you may receive credit. Once confirmed, the new client will receive 10% off their first booking with Bipetual Care! Current clients will also receive $5 credit on each of their existing pet’s birthday (or adoption day) to also show our love and appreciation for our furry friends! As stated per our Service Agreement, be sure all of your pets profiles on Scout are up to date and completed, so we can receive notifications on their birthdays (or adoption days) and send credit. If left blank, client will not receive Pet Birthday credit. For any questions on our Referral Program or Pet Birthdays, please email

Winter Season Pet Safety Tips, via ASPCA

Thank you to all our clients for reading this December Newsletter and for being the best Pet Parents! All information in this email can be accessed on our website via our Blog or F.A.Q. pages for clients to view anytime. Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. 

Stay safe, stay warm, and Happy Howlidays to all!

– Bipetual Care


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