Frequently Asked Questions

While the appeal of having a free or cheap pet sitter is understandable, a Certified Professional Pet Sitter has extensive experience, training, and resources to ensure clients pets are safely and properly cared for. It is likely a friend or hobby pet sitter may not have:

– Knowledge of local veterinarians and pet emergency care facilities.
– Reliable and safe transportation to get to and, if needed, transport your pet.
– Flexibility in their schedule to offer requested services.
– Years of experience and an established clientele. 
– A membership with a national pet care association, such as PSI or NAPPS.
– Pet First Aid/CPR training and certification.
– Certified Professional Pet Sitter completion.
– Insurance and Bonding protections.
– And more!

All of these qualifications and more are what justify Bipetual Care’s prices, including a code of professional conduct and standard to uphold when providing pet care. Rest assured, Bipetual Care’s services, coverage, and Service Agreement contract offers protection and peace of mind for clients and their beloved pets.

Bipetual Care obtains certifications, and is a member of the established association Pet Sitters International (PSI), to demonstrate proper qualification and professionalism within the pet care industry. Bipetual Care’s Pet Sitters have completed the Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) exam through PSI and are trained and certified in Pet First Aid/CPR through Pet Tech. Our Pet Sitters maintain these certifications by renewing them every 2-3 years in order to stay up to date on safety and care for pets. Pet Tech and PSI are organizations aimed at providing pet sitters with continued education and resources to give the best possible service to clients and care for their pets. 

Bipetual Care is firm on service prices and booking fees, and they are non-negotiable.

Through our Referral Program, current clients receive $20 credit for every new client they refer Bipetual Care to who successfully book with us. New clients must give the first and last name of the client who referred them, and once confirmed the new client will receive $20 off their first booking! Clients also receive $10 credit on each of their pet’s birthday (or adoption day) to celebrate and show our appreciation for our furry friends!

Service Information

You will meet your primary Pet Sitter who will communicate with you and care for your pets. In the event your primary Pet Sitter is unavailable, a secondary Pet Sitter can be provided as a contingency. Currently, Bipetual Care only has two Pet Sitters available to offer services, and will recommend other professional pet sitter companies in the event we are unavailable. We are currently hiring, and anyone interested in joining our team can apply here All of our Pet Sitters are thoroughly trained, certified, vetted and background checked before they are hired to offer services.

Yes, through the app Scout for Pet Owners, the Pet Sitter will send a report card with pictures of the pets via email (please check spam folder if not initially received), followed by a courtesy text to notify service is completed and report card sent. For House Sitting services, the Pet Sitter will send a report card once at the end of each day via email and, if requested, can offer additional updates via texting or messaging through WhatsApp from Bipetual Care to the client. Clients can also review report cards through the Client Portal.

Bipetual Care’s general call hours are weekdays Monday-Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm. Outside of those hours, current clients can contact the Pet Sitter servicing them, so yes you may call or text to check in on your pets during your booking. Booked clients who are traveling overseas can also call, message, or video chat with their Pet Sitter on WhatsApp during an extended service such as House Sitting. 

Bipetual Care offers House House Sitting as an all-around service of daytime and overnight care that includes the Pet Sitter spending majority of time in the owner’s home caring for the pets and watching over the house. For the 24 hour service, the Pet Sitter does step out during the day to tend to other bookings (e.g., dog walks and visits),  but does not leave the pets alone for more than 2–6 hours at a time. However, as an alternative for clients who do not need as much daytime care for their pets, we offer 16 hour or 12 hour shifts as a focused overnight “sleepover” service with a specific time frame for the Pet Sitter. The client requests the shift length and the Pet Sitter will arrive in the evening between 5pm–8pm then depart the following morning at the end of their shift. I.e., if the client requests to book a 16 hour shift and the Pet Sitter arrives at 7pm, then the Pet Sitter will depart the following morning at 11am.

Bipetual Care offers pet walking services for dogs, and even cats, of all sizes and personalities. However, we have policies Pet Sitters and clients must follow for the safety and wellbeing of the Pet Sitter and pets.

Pet Sitters will not walk pets in inclement or hazardous weather conditions, including extreme temperatures (below 25°F or above 80°F) and natural disasters (e.g. thunderstorm, hailstorm, blizzard). In these events, the Pet Sitter will replace the walk with a quick potty break and indoor playtime for active pets, or quality time for quiet pets. If the client is home, the Pet Sitter will instead shorten the walk time and adjust the cost of the service accordingly.  If the weather creates dangerous conditions for driving, the Pet Sitter is allowed to cancel their services for their own safety, and Bipetual Care will remove cancellation fees for clients.

Pet Sitters will 
not walk any pets off-leash while outside in open areas. Pets are only allowed free roam in the client’s home or a secure outdoor area (e.g., fenced yard, enclosed arena). Pet Sitters will not walk any pets with retractable leashes, as they are a dangerous risk causing serious injury in unexpected situations, and pets must have a durable leash and collar (with tags) to keep them secure from potentially escaping, other equipment (i.e., halters, muzzles, prong collars) must be approved by the pet sitter before booking.

Bipetual Care does not offer Pet Boarding or Daycare services. When it comes to pet care, our focus is to offer safe and reliable services in the comfort of the pets home and neighborhood area in order to maintain familiarity and continue their care routines uninterrupted. This minimizes any stress and health risks for the pets, plus establishes trust with the Pet Sitter. If you’re looking to board your pets or send them to daycare, we can offer recommendations of local and professional Pet Boarding & Daycare businesses near you.

Booking Policies

Before booking a service with Bipetual Care, we first require scheduling a Meet & Greet (free consultation) in your home with you and your pets present. This way, the Pet Sitter can introduce their self to your pets in the comfort of their environment, learn and discuss their care routine with you, and address any questions or concerns you may have in person. Once a Meet & Greet is completed and all is well, then you can set you up and schedule your first booking. We highly recommend scheduling a Meet & Greet at least two weeks out in advance of requested booking dates; any services requested less than two weeks in advance from non-current clients will likely be declined as we tend to be booked up with current clients. To schedule a Meet & Greet, please refer to our Contact page.

Bipetual Care uses the Scout for Pet Owners portal for clients to directly schedule and automatically book services with us. Scout for Pet Owners accepts all credit cards and PayPal as payment methods. Invoices for completed services are charged weekly on Tuesdays, with a receipt sent to clients via email. If the payment method is declined at time of invoice charge, client must update their payment method within 12 hours or will otherwise be charged a Late Payment fee until payment method accepted. Click here to view a video tutorial of the Scout for Pet Owners app, and visit their F.A.Q. page for any questions or issues you may have with the app

Cash and Venmo payments must be paid before the booking to confirm dates. Bipetual Care does not accept check or money orders as payment methods.

So long as they are not located inside or facing towards any bathrooms, bedrooms, and where the Pet Sitter will sleep, that is perfectly fine. We understand and respect your concern when it comes to security and having someone new inside your home, and we only request you respect the Pet Sitter’s privacy in these areas. Please show any and all cameras in the home during the Meet & Greet for the Pet Sitter to approve. Any unapproved cameras must be removed or unplugged during a booked service.

Yes, Bipetual Care is available to offer services on weekends and Holidays at an additional charge. Saturdays and Sundays are an additional $10 charge to services booked on these days. Holidays are an additional 50% charge to the service booked on nationally recognized calendar dates. Holidays include but are not limited to:

– New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day,
– Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Day, 
– Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 
– Independence Day, Labor Day, 
– Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, 
– Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

If there is availability for current clients, then yes, Bipetual Care can offer services requested last minute at an additional charge. Any bookings requested three days (72 hours) or less in advance are an additional $10 charge to each service booking. Bipetual Care does not offer last minute booking requests to non-current clients, as it is policy for new clients to schedule a Meet & Greet before booking, recommended at least two weeks in advance.

If a House Sitting or Wedding Pet Attendant service is cancelled one month (30 days) or less before the service begins, a 50% cancellation fee of base price is charged to the client. Cancellation fee is waived if cancelled more than one month (30 days) in advance.

If a Visit, Walk, or Pet Taxi service is 
cancelled three days (72 hours) or less before the service begins, a 50% cancellation fee of base price is charged to the client. Cancellation fee is waived if cancelled more than three days (72 hours) in advance or if the Pet Sitter has to cancel the service for emergency reasons and another Pet Sitter or kennel facility is not available as backup. Every attempt will be made to notify the client of such situation. 

Yes, you are welcome to give gratuity to the Pet Sitter as a thank you for their services. You can click “Leave a Tip” in the report card email you receive from Scout after a completed service. If not, you can send a direct tip via Venmo or leave cash in your home for the Pet Sitter. Any and all gratuity is greatly appreacited!

Bipetual Care does not accept check or money orders as payment methods.

For more information and details on our policies or other questions, email

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