Summer 2021 Newsletter

Hello, Pet Parents!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! After a year of COVID-19, I know many of you have been itching to take a vacation since being stuck at home so long. I am receiving an overwhelming amount of booking requests for overnight services this summer, fall, winter, and even some dates next year, so be sure to book those vacations sooner than later to guarantee my availability. Here is a list of dates I am currently available for House Sit and Overnight services this year (as of June 30th, 2021):

  • July 9th – 13th 
  • August 12th – 19th
  • September 7th – 13th, 21st – 30th 
  • October 1st – 14th, 22nd – 27th 
  • November 8th – 26th
  • December 6th – 26th 
Clients can refer to the availability calendar on the Services page, located bottom left, titled “House Sitting Dates.” I am still looking to hire one or two employees to offer more overnight availability to clients. As of now, it is currently only me (Audrey) servicing all clients at Bipetual Care. If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining the Bipetual Care team, please apply online at

New Overnight Service

Bipetual Care now offers both “House Sit” and “Overnight” services. House Sitting remains an all-around service of daytime and overnight care that includes spending majority of my time in the client’s home caring for the pets and tending to the home, with many amenities and same-day extensions included. For clients who do not need as much daytime care for their pets or all the amenities of House Sitting, I now offer “Overnight” as an alternative service with the following rates:

  • 12 Hours: $40 /night
  • 14 Hours: $50 /night
  • 16 Hours: $60 /night
  • Additional Pet Rate: +$5 /night
“Overnight” is purely staying the night, that includes similar amenities as House Sitting, with a specific timeframe in place from evening to the next morning. This service is great for clients looking to get away for a night or quick weekend getaway if they do not need all-around House Sitting services. Clients can request a shift rate (12 hours, 14 hours, or 16 hours) and I will arrive in the evening between 5pm-8pm (no earlier and no later). As an example, if a client requests to book a 16-hour Overnight shift and for me to arrive at 7pm, then I will depart the following morning at 11am (16 hours later). If needed, clients may request Drop-in Visit or Walking services during the day for me to tend to their pets along with Overnights. For example, a client can request a midday Drop-in Visit (30 min) on Friday and an Overnight (16-hour shift) that Friday evening to Saturday morning, totaling ~$82, instead of House Sitting from Friday to Saturday, totaling ~$160. 

New Client Portal 

For those who do not know, clients can now access their Scout account on Bipetual Care’s website on desktop (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.) via the Client Portal button, located on the page top left. This way clients can request services, update home information, fill out and complete pet profiles, add a payment method, and view invoices on a desktop if they prefer not to do so through the mobile app.

Summer Season Pet Safety Tips, via ASPCA

Thank you for reading this Summer Newsletter, and for being the best Pet Parents! Newsletters are sent four times a year (September, December, March, and June) as a way for Bipetual Care to announce any updates or upcoming changes, along with sharing Pet Care & Safety Tips for every season. All information and previous Newsletters can be accessed on the website via the Blog or F.A.Q. pages for clients to view anytime. Clients can contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Have a wonderful summer!
Audrey R. 🐾 
Owner & Founder
Bipetual Care LLC
(312) 448-6864

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