Autumn 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to Bipetual Care! 

I, Audrey, want to officially welcome and thank all of you, Pet Parents, for making the transition as clients to my newly established company, Bipetual Care LLC. Your support is greatly appreciated as always, because without it none of this would even be possible. I look forward to continue servicing you and your beloved pets, aiming to improve my pet care services and grow my company as I begin this process. This is very much the start of a new journey for me, but I’m ready to take on the challenge and get started with all of you in mind!

This email will be the first of many Newsletters I will send to clients four times a year in the months of September, December, March, and June. This way, I will be able to announce any updates or changes concerning Bipetual Care, along with sharing Pet Care & Safety Tips to clients for events and holidays every season. I’ll try to keep these Newsletters short and to the point, so for the firstly I’d like to inform clients of current and upcoming changes to Bipetual Care.

Scout for Pet Owners App 

Regarding the Scout for Pet Owners app, I have added and updated services Bipetual Care currently offers to the app. Clients can review all services and price rates at In addition, I have set up invoices to be charged biweekly on Tuesdays, so instead of every week clients will now be charged for completed services every other week. The next invoice is scheduled for September 22nd, followed by October 6th and so on. All of that said, I have noticed some clients have yet to download the Scout app and finish setting up their account profile, payment method, or update pet profiles. Please do so as soon as possible, as it is policy for profiles to be up to date in order for Bipetual Care to have an accurate itinerary of every client and their pets when providing services. For learning how to use the app, watch this video tutorial or review the FAQ Section on Scout’s support page. Also, if clients experience bugs or technical issues with the app, or would like to give any feedback, please send an email to with screenshots or recordings to show the issues that need to be addressed and I can forward them to the Scout Support Team.

Business Contact Information 

Bipetual Care now has a main phone number clients can call and text: (312) 448-6864. Call hours for questions and requests will be set weekdays Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM, while booked clients can call or text anytime during a service. I know some clients have my personal phone number, but I will no longer use this number for business purposes. If clients want to use this number to contact me for anything outside of Bipetual Care, they are welcome to, but I won’t answer calls or texts concerning Bipetual Care, or pet services in general, on my personal number any longer. Please use the Bipetual Care phone number for anything regarding pet care services, booking requests, information, and so on. In the future, I intend to add Emergency and Support lines for Bipetual Care, and will announce when those changes are in affect. Clients can also contact Bipetual Care via email at or send a message anytime on our social media pages. Be sure to follow @BipetualCare on FacebookInstagram, and TwitterAdditionally, I know some also have my personal home address from mailing me paper payments or otherwise, but as with my personal number I will no longer use my home address for work purposes. Bipetual Care has acquired a PO Box for clients to mail letters, payments, hallmark cards, and anything else business related. Please save this contact information on cell phones and other devices as needed:

Bipetual Care 
(312) 448-6864
PO Box 7262
Romeoville, IL 60446

Fall Season is Here!

Summer is ending and Fall is around the corner! With Fall comes school for students along with the seasonal holidays Halloween and Thanksgiving. Despite COVID-19 still affecting our day to day lives, and our new normal having many families working or learning from home, Bipetual Care is still open to offer pet care services to all of our clients. We have established and applied COVID Safety protocols to keep our staff, clients, and pets safe and healthy during these tentative times, and aim to continue using these protocols until the WHO and CDC has informed businesses if and when these protocols are no longer necessary. We only ask clients to keep the most commonly interacted surface areas (doorknobs, code panels, railings, kennels, leashes, etc.) of their homes disinfected when a Pet Care Provider is booked to complete services. As for Holiday Pet Safety, here are a few tips from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) you can apply this Fall Season:

Be Cautious of Rodenticides and Cold Weather Poisons
The use of rat and mouse poisons increase in the fall as rodents seek shelter from the cooler temperatures by attempting to move indoors. Rodenticides are highly toxic to pets and, if ingested, the results could be fatal. If you must use these products, please do so with extreme caution and put them in places inaccessible to your pets.Many people choose fall as the time to change their car’s engine coolant. Ethylene glycol-based coolants are highly toxic, so spills should be cleaned up immediately. Consider switching to propylene glycol-based coolants—though they aren’t completely nontoxic, they are much less toxic than other engine coolants.

Keep School Supplies Out of Paws’ Reach
Fall is back-to-school time, and those of you with young children know that means stocking up on items like glue sticks, pencils and magic markers. Although these items are considered low toxicity to pets, gastrointestinal upset and blockages can occur if ingested. Be sure your children keep their school supplies out of your pet’s reach.

Watch Out for Wildlife
Autumn is the season when snakes are preparing for hibernation, increasing the possibility of bites to those unlucky pets who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pet parents should know what kinds of venomous snakes may be lurking in their environment—and where those snakes are most likely to be found—so pets can be kept out of those areas.

Steer Clear of Mushrooms
Fall and spring are mushroom seasons. While 99% of mushrooms have little or no toxicity, the 1% that are highly toxic can cause life-threatening problems in pets. Since most toxic mushrooms are difficult to distinguish from nontoxic ones, the best way to prevent pets from ingesting these poisonous plants is to keep them away from areas where any mushrooms are growing. Please visit our Poisonous Plants page for more information. Contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately if you witness your pet eating a wild mushroom. For further information concerning safety and food consumption during the Holidays, visit ASPCA’s 
Halloween and Thanksgiving Safety Tips articles.

Welcome Our First Team Member, Marisa Velaz!

Please welcome Marisa Velaz to the Bipetual Care team! Marisa is originally from Guatemala but grew up south side Chicago in Hyde Park. From a young age, she learned the importance of understanding the individual needs of every animal she formed a trusting bond with to provide them the care and love they deserve. In 2018, Marisa graduated from Columbia College Chicago in Multimedia Photojournalism and Fiction Writing. Afterward, she moved to north side Chicago and locally reported in Austin and downtown while Pet Sitting and Dog Walking for another company. During this time, she became passionate about animal care as much as journalism and finds herself considering where these passions will take her in life and looks forward to the journey ahead! Marisa is experienced and trained in Pet Care Services, plus she has also been certified in Pet First Aid/CPR and trained in COVID Safety protocols. In due time, clients will have a chance to set up a Meet & Greet with Marisa as their Primary or Secondary Pet Care Provider.

Thank you again to all my clients for making this company possible! And to my team and community for being the best support network of fellow animal lovers giving me the resources and push to accomplish this dream! I appreciate you all immensely. For any questions, comments, concerns, or even constructive criticism, please email and be sure to follow us @BipetualCare on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. The next Newsletter will arrive this winter season in December!

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